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I’m Julie, also known as Darshana, which means 'Divine Vision' in Sanskrit. I am an astrological counselor and have been studying astrology for over 20 years. 


The stars show us how to move through the many seasons of life. When you book a session with me, there is compassion and understanding that happens where we are able to share a soulful space and the chart speaks! The life journey comes alive. Staying present in the cycle we are in allows us to live fully, so we move on to the next cycle enriched with the experience and wisdom of this time. 


The birth chart reveals how individual and unique we are. In the birth chart, the rising sign (calculated from the exact time of birth) reveals 80% of the personality or energy we identify with. The chart has its gifts and limitations, and often the gifts are there but need to be freed up. The limitations can be frustrating, but also useful in guiding our life choices. .This is where astrological counseling comes in.


We see our life unfolding and we have a purpose. A client feels accepted and can settle into themselves and begin to acknowledge their true path to enjoy life and express their true selves. There is peace in experiencing your unfolding path and trusting that process.


If you're interested in working together for an astrological counseling session, visit the Book My Session section to get the process started. 


Thank you for stopping by!

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Julie Coughlan
• Astrological Counselor •
Book Your Astrological 
My Experience + Education
• Astrological Counselor
Student of Astrology for 20 Years,
Morin's Method of Determination, Mari-EL™ Energy Healing

• Registered Nurse    • Bachelor of Science In Nursing
• M.A. In Counseling, With Honors
• 23 years of progressively increasing responsibility in Nursing, including positions as Charge Nurse, Floor/Staff Nurse, and Office Nurse in fields such as adults, geriatrics, and mental health.
•Degree in Counseling; Experience working with adults, couples, women, individuals, and groups in addiction, grief, and transition, as well as second half and end of life issues. 
 •Practiced with Hospice in performing mediation between family, physicians and staff. 
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