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I’m Julie, also known as Darshana, which means 'Divine Vision' in Sanskrit. I am an astrological counselor and have been studying astrology for over 20 years. 


The stars show us how to move through the many seasons of life. When you book a session with me, there is compassion and understanding that happens where we are able to share a soulful space and the chart speaks! The life journey comes alive. Staying present in the cycle we are in allows us to live fully, so we move on to the next cycle enriched with the experience and wisdom of this time. 


The birth chart reveals how individual and unique we are. In the birth chart, the rising sign (calculated from the exact time of birth) reveals 80% of the personality or energy we identify with. The chart has its gifts and limitations, and often the gifts are there but need to be freed up. The limitations can be frustrating, but also useful in guiding our life choices. .This is where astrological counseling comes in.


We see our life unfolding and we have a purpose. A client feels accepted and can settle into themselves and begin to acknowledge their true path to enjoy life and express their true selves. There is peace in experiencing your unfolding path and trusting that process.


If you're interested in working together for an astrological counseling session, visit the Book My Session section to get the process started. 


Thank you for stopping by!

Mari- El Healing
Energy healing has increased my intuition and has rained down grace and light through me.


I was doing massage training and had taken Reiki with no deep sense of satisfaction in my work. When I learned Mari- El in 1986 from Ethel Lombardi my healing work was transformed. I could trust and feel that I had assistance from the Mother Mary and a group of guides.


A feminine energy that surrounds me, a warmth that my Patient can feel an energy that comes over me and directs me. Clear messages come through my mind describing what is going on with the individual I am working with. I am able to start a dialog with the receiver of Mari El and identify experiences stored their cells. Memories that are held from the past are brought to awareness and released.


Many become aware of the parts they play in their families and in their intimate relationships. Once the energy starts moving it continues after the session is complete. A dream may reveal more. An awareness of how they interact with loved ones as they are relating will lead them to a better way of connecting.

Depending on the needs of the person the energy will fill the need. Healing after an operation or a bout with illness, there is openness when our energy is low we are humbled and ready to receive this warm loving energy.

Special times when a loved one is near death and open to experience peace and closure and we are aware of every unique moment we have left to share. Mari El provides the gift of deep rest that all family members can experience.

The joyful experience I receive while doing Mari- El is that I am healed as I am healing. I am filled with warmth and love. There is no sacrifice or loss of energy on my side. I am truly grateful and appreciate this healing gift as my experience of this work grows deeper with time.

I offer various Mari-El healing sessions, I welcome you to look at my menu of services below to see if they resonate with you or your family at this time.

Julie Coughlan

Mari-EL Healing Session - $160

In entering a Mari -EL session I am open to the energy and feel nourished myself in participating in the healing. Comforting to slow down and release old patterns that are no longer useful. Letting our cells that store trauma release and  move out of the body. In creating some empty space patients receive information through dreams and just a clear knowing the direction they are going to take and a lightness and joy in just being.


Mari-EL for Hospice - $100

Mari-EL is a gentle, warm and loving energy healing for dying or ill people.

Comforting to relax and let go of worries about loved ones and their disease process. Connecting to relatives who have passed. who are often seen by the patient dying radiates safety and support for the community around the person. Helpful in accepting this stage of life.


Mari El Distant Healing - $95

The client must request healing. This is an essential part of the processIt is important that the full name of the person requesting healing be used. Nicknames do not carry the true vibration of the individual. In the case of serious illnessdaily absent healing is recommended for a least a week, and after that two to three times a week as needed.

Book Your Astrological 

Thank you for your interest in an astrological counseling session! Please fill in the form with your information, including the services you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your session.  

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