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"Sometimes we need a little guidance and healing from somebody other than ourselves. There are very few people that I trust to read my charts or offer me spiritual guidance. Julie is certainly one of them. Within the first few minutes of my reading with Julie she absolutely blew my mind. We all go through rough times in our lives where maybe we question our choices, our faith, and beliefs. I was going through one of these patches when I had my charts read by Julie. After the reading, I felt much more at ease, more focused on solutions rather than problems and more knowledge of the direction I would like my life to take. Julie really helped to light the way for me. For anyone seeking extra guidance, confirmation, or points to consider during times of transition or reflection, definitely give Julie a call!" - Desiree J.


"I received a full astrology reading from Julie in early 2004.  I was going through a lot at the time and really didn't have a lot of confidence in my future.  My reading gave me some hope and guidance to keep doing what I was doing.  

Julie has done readings for me at other times and it just helps to have the universe help you see a path.  Every time I look back on my life I notice how much astrology is part of it.  It gives guidance and confidence.  Julie is a great asset and can help me with the tough and small decisions in life by consulting my chart.  I highly recommend her." - G. G.

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Julie has given me astrology readings each year around my birthday, many times. Her forecasts for the year help me know what is on the horizon, what to expect and keeps me from being surprised by what would otherwise have been the expected, so that I am prepared emotionally and financially when circumstances arise. Julie's counseling skills are also helpful. Her compassion and understanding of human nature and psychology give her skill and the ability to give me a perspective when dealing with characters who are unhealthy and situations with them that are better avoided.  - Emily W.

Julie was very effective at relieving my symptoms of head congestion and blockages in my heart chakra.   Her energy work alleviated a lot of the emotional and physical blockages in my heart.   She also provided me with a special eucalyptus mixture which alleviated most of my nasal congestion. I've worked with other energy workers and Julie sets the standard for people in this field. - Jeff M.

I met with Julie to have her go over my Chart. I wasn't sure what I wanted to know. Julie started explaining what was going on currently and what was coming up for me. I was impressed with her accuracy. I had been trying to decide if I should buy a home. Julie was able to give me very clear direction which made a huge difference. Being able to prepare for upcoming events helped me feel more peacefull. Her knowledge and skill are impressive. I recommended her to many people and will continue to do so. Laura T.

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